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God's Economy

God's Economy

ISBN: 978-1-7340350-7-0 (Mack Major)

Warning: Reading this ebook will unleash the power of supernatural prosperity in your life.

New business ideas will be birthed in your heart; old dead dreams that died long ago in disappointment and frustration will be resurrected and quickened with new life. And some of you will begin seeing fresh possibilities in places where only impossibility previously existed.

Have you seen the news lately? Our economy is tanking. It’s dying a slow painful death. Inflation is rising rapidly. Our dollar is losing its value. Millions of small businesses have cratered in the wake of the pandemic. And millions are becoming homeless. For the born-again believer these things mean one thing:

It’s time to get out of this world’s economy; and get into God’s economy!

God’s economy—His economic system—the financial system of the Kingdom of God, is vastly different from the world’s economy.

In the world’s economy, gold, silver, stocks, and bonds are the currency of trade. Without money, you are essentially locked out of participating in the world’s financial system. It’s the reason why poverty is so rampant, the middle class is disappearing and only those who are rich are seeing their wealth rapidly increase.

In the world’s economy, it basically takes money to make money.

But in God’s economy none of these things matter. Faith is the only currency that’s needed to participate. Jesus Christ Himself is the exchequer. You can’t buy your way into God’s economic system with dollars and gold. That’s utterly useless here. You must believe your way into it.

Your faith is the gold that ultimately determines how much currency you’ll have to grow economically and prosper within this cosmic, but real economy.

If you’ve been struggling with economic uncertainty in this age of rapid change, it’s time to lose that fear and end the struggle. God does not want those who choose to join His economy to work hard or struggle for money. Because money is not the goal. The goal is to unlock the hidden glory and greatness of God, in a way that only YOU can. And in so doing, all your earthly needs and desires are readily met.

GOD’S ECONOMY shatters the myths about Christians and money. It shows Christians how to tap out of the unstable economies of the world, and how to be firmly rooted in the unshakeable economy of God’s eternal Kingdom. But first, we must get rid of some common Christian myths that only serve to hinder our access to God’s prosperity.

Is Jesus Christ against people being rich? Does God want Christians to be poor? Does He want believers to be wealthy enough to fly around on private jets while living in magnificent earthly mansions?

If we as believers are the modern-day seed of Abraham as scriptures tell us, why then are so many Christians broke, financially bereft and economically frustrated: while Abraham, his sons and grandsons were all considered to be very rich?

Something’s not matching up. And it’s due to a misunderstanding of key verses in the New Testament that deal specifically with the topic of money, riches, and wealth. God’s Economy provides clarity to the clutter, and will leave your mind free and unencumbered to prosper with God’s blessing in every way—especially financially— “even as your soul prospers.” *3 John 1:2

God isn’t opposed to wealth. He created it. He’s just opposed to people trying to obtain wealth outside of His economic system. Wealth and riches belong to God. And He has provided a system to ensure that those who love and follow Him can have more than their fill in this lifetime—and the one that’s to come.

Let GOD’S ECONOMY take you gently by the hand and show you how.

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