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Dark Frequency

Dark Frequency

ISBN: 978-1-7323547-9-1 (Mack Major)

Sin has a frequency. This frequency is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week nonstop. It’s a frequency that’s born in the darkest bowels of the deepest Hell; and when you tap into this frequency you will be magnetically drawn to some of the darkest thoughts, ideas, influences, and actions imaginable.

As humans we are born with an innate ability to tap into different frequencies being broadcast from the spirit realm. God has a frequency too. It’s the frequency of righteousness. But too often the believer finds him or herself surrounded by the influences of Satan that stokes the desire for sinful living within us; making us susceptible to becoming both receivers and channelers of dark demonic energy.

DARK FREQUENCY delves into a deeper understanding of this satanic signal that drives so many into damnable lifestyles that ultimately lead us away from God.

You’ll find real world examples from others who’ve tapped into this dark frequency, as well as learning the different ways that it manifests today. Learn:

  • Why you can’t stop fornicating, masturbating, watching porn or desiring to do so—even though you love God
  • What really happens to you spiritually as a believer when you participate in raucous bacchanals and partying such as rock and rap concerts, Mardi Gras, Caribbean carnivals, J’ouvert, strip clubs, bars and nightclubs
  • What TV, movies and music entertainment really does to your mind and spirit
  • Why you can’t get certain secular songs out of your head—even when you haven’t heard them in a very long time
  • The ancient religion many of your favorite celebrities and entertainers really practice
  • Why just going to church and reading your Bible alone is not enough

… and SO much more.

Many of you are not as hopeless and beyond help as you think. You’ve simply been programmed by Satan to normalize sinful living by tuning into his frequency. Now you will be reprogrammed to walk in victory and practice rightful living.

This powerful ebook is a tool of absolute empowerment to break Satan’s sin-spell and launch you onto a path towards success in Jesus Christ and effective Christian living.

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