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Vibrators, Dildos and Sex Demons

Vibrators, Dildos and Sex Demons

ISBN: 978-1-7340350-9-4 (Mack Major)

Vibrators, Dildos and Sex Demons. This title says it all. Learn where sex toys come from; how they were used as tools for worship in the ancient world; and how they are still used today in our modern world as tools to invoke living spiritual powers and entities.

This is a serious topic and a must read, especially if you or someone you know has engaged in the use of sex toys, dildos, 'the rose' and other such sexually explicit items.

What you may have thought was meant to bring pleasure was really designed to bring bondage and demonic activity into your life. Satan plays for keeps. And deception is his game. When you use these items in 'self-play' you are sending out a powerful beacon that will draw demonic energy into your life. Know what you are dealing with!

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