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Spiritually Ink'd

Spiritually Ink'd

ISBN: 978-1-7340350-1-8 (Mack Major)

Many people describe getting ‘tatted’ as a form of self-expression. To them it’s a way to express their inner feelings and emotions in a very visible personal way by sharing them with the rest of the world.

But what if there was something more to it than just that? Have you ever stopped to wonder where tattooing came from? Who started it? How far back in history does it go? Who were the first to get tattoos? And what are the real purposes for getting a tattoo?

We all know it’s inking the skin with words, images and symbols. But what did early humans and many tattoo artists today know about getting tattoos that perhaps you didn’t know?

What if there was another motive behind it; something beyond tattoos being just a form of self-expression? And what if it’s something far more sinister behind this fad that has swept modern culture by storm?

Then there are other questions: What are the spiritual, mental and physical risks of getting a tattoo? Should Christians get them? What do certain popular tattoo symbols mean; what do they reveal about the one wearing it? Is it alright or even acceptable to get biblical imagery and scriptures tattooed on your body? What is God’s vantage point on these things?

Find the answers to many of these questions and more in Spiritually Ink’d. This is a book that covers the subject of tattoos and bodily piercing in a way like it’s never been covered before.

There are spiritual implications and risks involved with getting a tattoo. Very serious ones. And you don’t want to go around not knowing what those are; especially if you’re considering getting a tattoo; or if you already got one. God wants us to be wise about these things. And now that wisdom is available for you.

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