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When Melanin Is Your God
Life, Black Culture

When Melanin Is Your God

author | Mack Major

History tells us, most of the black people brought from Africa to America and sold into slavery were already slaves in Africa first. Slavery didn’t start for black people in America. Slavery started for black people in Africa.

There were millions of slaves held in perpetual bondage and forced servitude in Africa for THOUSANDS of years, long before white Europeans came along seeking slaves.

If you use your common sense, why do you think Europeans came to Africa seeking slaves in the first place? It was because Africa at that time had the largest and oldest slave markets in the world.

If history started in Africa as we all believe it did, then it stands to reason that slavery most likely started there too.

Almost every people group and race on Earth has gone through slavery at some point in time in their history. No race has been exempt. Native Americans enslaved other natives; white people enslaved other white people; brown people enslaved each other.

And so did black people.

We have to stop this lie that somehow black folks are these divine beings incapable of horrendous sin against humanity: simply because we have ‘magic melanin’ in our skin.

The cold hard facts are that some of our ancestors were already slaves back in Africa: enslaved by Africans, owned by Africans, worked to death as the property of Africans. The Africans just sold our ancestors for a higher markup value once Europeans came around seeking to buy some slaves to take to the New World.


They traded our ancestors for mirrors, guns, rum, sugar, and a host of other dumb products. They even traded us for white women (look it up.) The Africans weren’t slow. They knew exactly what they were doing. They simply didn’t value us.

We weren’t the same people as them, though our skin and hair textures may have looked similar. And that’s the TRUE story of how most of us ended up here in American.

Black people are just as flawed as every other race: and just as capable of acts of divine love and beauty when we choose to be.

Some of you are making a god out of so-called black struggle. You’ve already made a god out of melanated skin. Now you’re adding to your pantheon by creating a struggle god that can be invoked whenever you feel like blaming white people—for why you can’t seem to lay hold of America’s blessings.

You live in 2024. YOU are the reason why you can’t lay proper hold of America’s many blessings. Not white folks. When you make better choices, you’ll always get better results. It’s as sure as the rising and setting of the sun.

The beautiful thing about living in America in 2024 is that you can totally remake yourself and become whoever you want to be. Even if you came from generational slavery that goes beyond America and stretches all the way back through Africa’s long slave history: now that you are here today, you can become whatever your soul desires.

The problem is that far too many of us have allowed Marxists to fill our minds with their indoctrination points.

You know, groups like BLM and such, who advocate for the demolishing of the gospel’s influence on American society; and who see black people as useful idiots to be used in their cause to bring down America from the foundational levels.

» Why do you think they’ve been pushing us to be anti-church and against Christianity?

These Marxists have been telling black Americans since the 1930s that America is an irrevocably racist country because of Christianity—despite a Civil War and 400,000 dead white folks who valiantly sacrificed their lives to successfully end slavery. BLM is just the newest in a long line of other groups advocating for a Communist takeover of America.

And the revolution they’re trying to bring is not for you. It’s really for China But most of you aren’t ready to have that conversation yet, so we’ll just move right pass it.

» Russia and China have been using, creating and funding organization like NAACP, Civil Rights groups, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, SNCC, MOVE, BLM and a host of others to trick black people into the camp of communism and socialism for more than 100 years.

(Socialism and communism are a demonic substitute for God’s Kingdom. But that too is another topic for a different post.)

My point is simply this: don’t let anyone use you as pawns in their deadly game of chess for American domination. If anything, use your brains and be a rook. Or a knight. A bishop even. But don’t be a lowly pawn.

You make yourself a pawn when you think and act like a former slave, sitting there with your hand out waiting for white people to hand you some money like a highway underpass beggar.

Nobody owes you! Your reparations is your freedom.

Btw: when were YOU ever enslaved??? You are the freest group of black folk with the most access to endless money that has ever lived on the planet!

So why do you allow people to make you view yourself as some ex-slave, when that may have been some distant ancestor’s experience—not yours?

Stop prostituting your ancestors’ pain and struggle for personal financial gain. That’s actually kind of despicable.

You’re not an ex-slave. You’re just another spoiled American brat who wants to have their cake and eat it too. And it’s time for us as a people group to grow up, quite being perpetually petulant psychological whiny children, grown into the full measure of adulthood, and start demanding more of ourselves, before we seek it from others.

America at this point doesn’t owe us anything. Not a single dime. But we are definitely indebted to ourselves to seek better, pursue better, demand better, and BE better.

That’s all the reparation we need. READ Politiká: Disrupting The Demonic Agenda To Destroy Black America

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