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Rootz: Countering Occult Spells and Witchcraft

Rootz: Countering Occult Spells and Witchcraft

ISBN: 978-1-7340350-2-5 (Mack Major)

It’s time we dealt with the subject of root working.

How does someone put a root on another person? What’s the power at work behind this? What is it really? Can Christians have roots put on them? Why do they call it roots? And if one suspects that roots have been put on them, how do they get free from it?

In one of my best-selling ebooks Rootz: Countering Occult Spells and Witchcraft, we’re going to tackle this topic and deal with it head-on. The info in this ebook can’t be found anywhere else.

People today are striving to live normal live under curses that were placed on them—often before they were even born.

There’s much more to root working than meets the eye. It’s not just something that’s put on a person alone by some occult worker; it’s also placed on the victim’s generational line too, so that all who are born from that person who’s under the power of a curse will be victims of its power too—until that power is effectively broken.

Rootz: Countering Occult Spells and Witchcraft is a much needed informational tool to add to your arsenal.

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